The Halls of the Faithful were located within the great fortress of Sarahin in the Haunted Lands.[1]


This building served as the barracks for the holy slayers of the Everlasting. The barracks were segregated by both sex and race. Women were quartered in the northern part, and men in the southern.[1]

Abstract mosaics decorated the halls of the barracks, depicting bizarre cloudlike figures and spirals. The actual quarters were bereft of any decoration that might distract a holy slayer from their work.[1]


Many of the factions of the Everlasting were quartered here, including the Loyalists, Preachers, Sword Dancers, and Winged Bulls.[1]

Farouk Abd al-Bazan and Nusrah bin Kerim led their factions from the Halls of the Faithful.[1]



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