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TSR9301 (FA1)
Halls of the High King
Basic Information
Author(s) Ed Greenwood
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Type Adventure
Binding Paperback
Released October 1990[1]
Pages 64, with fold-out map
ISBN 10 0-88038-881-1
ISBN 13 978-0880388818
Series FA series
Preceded by none
Followed by Nightmare Keep

Source: product listing
Someone in the misty, wooded Moonshae Isles needs hundreds of brand-new swords taken under guard from Sword Coast smiths to a certain place on the Isles.

The swords are needed so badly, and their safe arrival is considered so unlikely, that someone is willing to pay adventurers a lot of gold - someone fairly important.

Adventurers foolish enough to take assigments too good to be true (or merely desperate for coins) will soon find themselves embroiled in a dark and mysterious struggle against evil that will take them into sacred groves, crumbling castles, and through ancient magical gates to the halls of the High King - and beyond.

This sourcebook contains background lore on the Moonshaes, a DM's delight of new monsters, magic items, and spells usable in any AD&D campaign and enough adventure ideas to keep the most energetic player characters seeking their fortunes in the Moonshaes for years to come!

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