Halmuth Bruil was the commander of Melvaunt's army and one of the seven councilors that ruled Melvaunt in 1372 DR.[2]


Halmuth, as Lord of the Keys, ruled over the army and the city watch of Melvaunt.[2]


In 1372 DR, some scions of the noble houses went on adventures and disappeared, including the heir of House Bruil, Argens Bruil. Halmuth did not care, being more concerned with the increasing activity of orcs from Thar. He spoke with the adventuring party hired by Lord Woarsten Nanther to find the scions, saying that they'd left from of the northern gate together with the dwarf adventurer Dorn Crownshield.[2]


Halmuth was well known for his brutality, but he was also a very cunning individual, very talented in tactics and strategies. He cared nothing for the missing scions.[2]



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