Being just an arcane spellcaster is not enough in Halruaa. One must be able to prove his/her mastery of the Art with unique displays of arcane force and knowledge; enough to make them famous all across the land. Such individuals that earn this title are granted permission to participate in the revered and prestigious Halruaan Counsil of Elders, the court of Netyarch, the "wizard-king", where they discuss the official policies and important matters of the country with the head of state.[1]


Only arcane casters are eligible to join the ranks of the Halruaan elders, and the vast majority are wizards. Other casters are not respected in Halruaan society, so few of them ever stay in their homeland long enough to attain the level of talent necessary to become a member of the Council.[1]


Tasked with a neverending quest of new spells and magic items, a sizable number of elders rarely appear in the court, choosing instead to venture forth in search of wondrous magic elsewhere in Faerûn. Thus, they are free to travel and experiment as they please, as long as they do not put their country and its citizens at risk.[1]





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