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A Halruaan skyship was a sailing vessel that flew through the air.[1]

Physical descriptionEdit

The flying vessel looked much like a normal seagoing sailing ship. Typically, they had three masts, square sails, and a broad flat beam. Giant sea turtle shells were often used as armor.[1]


The original creation of skyships dated back to Netheril and were a secret of Halruaa for centuries.[2] However, in the early 1370s DR, a renegade wizard spread the secret of Halruaan skyships to others.[1]


Although a rare and genius invention, a Halruaan skyship was no more than an expensive magical item. If a spellcaster was proficient with the required magical knowledge and able to find the materials, creating one only took a matter of months. Crafting such an item required:

  • Knowledge of how to craft magical items;
  • Knowledge of the fly and suspension spells; and
  • 400,000 gold pieces worth of materials, including a ship vessel.[3]

A Halruaan skyship was not a spelljammer vessel, but it was possible to convert a Halruaan skyship into a spelljamming vessel.[2]


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