Halvan the Dark was an individual who became lord of Harrowdale at some point in the 1180s DR, and renamed it "Halvan's Dale".[3] He also created the Halfaxe Trail, a route through deep woodland to Harrowdale.[2]


Halvan's personality made him very wealthy but made him many enemies. During his rule of Harrowdale (Halvan's Dale), he loaned money to people, and seized the assets of those who could not repay him.[2]

He developed a liking for ornate and gem-encrusted armors, and had several made for him over the years.[2]

Halvan put on weight as his tastes became more opulent.[2]

Halfaxe TrailEdit

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Halvan the Dark is widely credited as the creator of the Halfaxe Trail, leading from Harrowdale and linking up with the Moonsea Ride, bringing valuable trade to the dale from the north west.[4] In the 1180s DR[3], he hired Durl Halfaxe, who acquired a work force, mainly human, to construct the trail.[4]


During the construction of the Halfaxe Trail, Durl Halfaxe and Halvan decided to attempt to plunder the ruins of Myth Drannor, in an attempt to acquire great wealth, but the elves of Cormanthor raised "powerful magic" from the ruins and killed Halvan, Durl, and their work force.[4]



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