The Hamlar Hills were a cluster of foothills of the Cloud Peaks in Amn.[1]


People often used the term "Hamlar Hills" to refer to any of the foothills of the Cloud Peaks. Properly, however, only the southern and western hills of the Peaks belonged to the Hamlar Hills, where Vol Qirger had planted his vineyard.[1]

The hills were lightly forested and used for grazing by the farmers of Amn.[1]


The Hamlar Hills were inhabited by many poor people who had been forced out of Amn. They lived among caves in the hills and survived by stealing local sheep.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The small village of St. Carwell's Vale included a shrine to Eldath. It was located near the coast in the western hills.[2]


The hills were named after House Hamlar, which included House Qirger. Sometime before 1330 DR, Lord Qirger had tried to start a vineyard in the hills, using transplants from the Purple Hills in Tethyr. His attempts failed, and within 30 years, the vineyards were overgrown and wild.[1]



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