Hammer of Moradin were a special prestige class on Faerûn for the dwarven worshipers of Moradin. Hammers of Moradin were members of an order of holy warriors, defending Citadel Adbar against the enemies of dwarves: goblinoids, giants and drow. Rather than simply defend the city walls, they left that work to the regular army of the Iron Guard and actively sought their enemies to destroy them and their homes. Very often they were helped by the order of explorers of the Underdark, the Deepscouts. To become a hammer of Moradin, a dwarf had to show great fighting skills and some degree of spellcasting ability.


As they became more powerful, hammers of Moradin gained earth-related abilites and powerful holy strikes.

Aura of Courage
Hammers of Moradin gained an aura of courage that functioned exactly like the paladin ability of the same name.
Hammer Throw
Hammers of Moradin could use their warhammer as a thrown weapon with a range of 20 feet. They took no additional penalties for using the weapon in this fashion.
Hammer Return
After becoming a bit more experienced, any warhammer thrown by Moradin's dwarves gained the returning ability. A returning warhammer flew through the air back to the thrower, returning so that it was ready to be used again.

Ex-Hammers of MoradinEdit

Those dwarves who violated their ethical alignment or betrays either Citadel Adbar or the hammers of Moradin as a whole lost all spell-like and supernatural abilities gained from the prestige class. They regained his abilities and advancement potential if they atoned for their actions.