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The Hammers of Grimjaws are the highest ranking and most elite order of paladins who dedicate their lives and services to Tyr.[1]


Members of the Grimjaws are sponsored by existing members from the ranks of only two orders of Tyr, the Knights of Holy Judgment and the Knights of the Merciful Sword.[1]


The choosing of the Hammers' members is in part done by Tyr himself, in order to ascend the order's ranks, a candidate must pray and receive a vision from Tyr. A vision of Tyr's warhammer shows the god's favor and permits immediate acceptance into the order. A vision of Tyr's sword means that the aspiring Hammer has failed in some way and must atone before entering the ranks. A successful atonement quest allows the aspirant to join the Order as though he had seen the vision of the warhammer. Currently there are less than 12 Hammers in active service, a testament to the purity and power required to become one of the order.[1]


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