Hamsetis was a member of The Fangs of Set and the most powerful fighter in the service of Set in Mulhorand in 1357 DR.[1]


In his youth Hamsetis was a gladiator-slave of the Red Wizards of Thay, but he rebelled at any given chance. The clergy of Set bought him but his Red Wizard master maimed him before the sale. The followers of Set healed him, gaining his loyalty in the process. Under orders of Seti, an incarnation of Set, Hamsetis posed as a hunter of Set's followers.[1]


Hamsetis hated the Red Wizards with deep passion and wanted revenge against them. He served Set out of a sense of gratitude. He had no political ambition and was a honorable man. However, he enjoyed killing, especially Red Wizards.[1]


Hamsetis gained the trust of the Mulhorand's vizier and of many high-ranking bureaucrats thanks to his work.[1]



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