Hand of the Hunter is the second book in the Chosen of Nendawen trilogy by Mark Sehestedt.


For generations we fought him, but he grew stronger, destroying our homeland. We fled....

The demon Jagun Ghen, the nemesis of Nendawen the Hunter, roams the frozen wastes, building an army. For long years, Hweilan, the last scion of fallen Highwatch and the loose end of the Defiler’s plans, has been missing.

In the Hunting Lands, Jagun Ghen almost conquered. Only hundreds of years of blood and sacrifice vanquished him. Here... in this corrupt world beneath its cold stars....Here... Jagun Ghen could become a god....

For long years, in the cold places of the Feywild, Hweilan has been shaped into a tool to bring down Jagun Ghen and a weapon to avenge her dead family with—the Hand of the Hunter. But even in the Feywild, Jagun Ghen has eyes.

There are far crueler things in these woods than me.


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