Hands of Ihbar, also known, particularly in the past, as chilling tentacles, is a spell used by warlocks, most often those who specialize in pacts with aberrations. When hands of Ihbar, which draws on the dark power of the star Ihbar, is cast, its caster summons frigid tentacles to a spot occupied by a creature within fifty feet. These tentacles seem to peel out of the creature themselves, causing them vast amounts of pain and slowing their movement with their chilling power, which reduces the blood flow of any living creature within the spell's grasps. The effect of the spell is momentary in length and is powered largely by the warlock's strength of personality. Though resistance to the effects of winter and cold are generally less injured by the spell, warlocks of the star pact know how to reduce the effectiveness of this resistance, their skill in doing so dependent upon their experience.

Prior to the Spellplague, hands of Ihbar, then known more commonly as chilling tentacles was a substantially more powerful spell, which could only be gained through enormous growth in power on the part of its caster. Chilling tentacles was also longer lasting, and the exact duration of the spell depended largely on how powerful and experienced the warlock using it was. Like all warlock invocation of the time, the spell was also instantly recharged and could be cast at-will.