The Happy House of Splendor and Song was a temple to Milil, Lord of Song, found in the city of Tantras in the Vast. It was the biggest temple to Milil on the eastern side of the Sea of Fallen Stars.[1][2][3][4][5]


The Happy House of Splendor and Song lay on the east side of the city.[1][2]


During the Time of Troubles in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, the deity Torm resided at his temple in Tantras.[6] Torm's zealous priests began persecuting followers of other faiths in the city as "unbelievers".[7] [note 1]

Nevertheless, the Happy House remained active through to 1367 DR[4] and past 1370 DR.[5]


The temple of Milil provided support and guidance to local members of the Harpers.[3] The temple was considered by some to be a place to contact Those Who Harp.[1][2]


In 1358 DR, the temple was led by High Mistress of Song Elassuara Narithan, with six priests and eleven lay-followers. These followers were all low- to mid-range bards.[3]



  1. It is not known if or how the Happy House was affected by this religious persecution.


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