Harae was a ghost in Phlan in 1489 DR.


Harae was frustrated with the limits of her condition as one of the undead. She observed Igan from when he was child and saw goodness inside him. When he was killed, Harae was devastated. She was consumed with the need to bring justice to the killers.


Harae in her mortal life was a priestess of Tyr at the shrine in Sokol Keep until she died during the Dragon Run circa 1289 DR. However, she rose again as ghost locked in the keep.

She met Igan Sokol and supported his tentative plan to restore the shrine. However, when he was killed by corrupt Knights of the Black Fist, Harae was filled with fury. She extinguished the beacon of the keep in order to lure other people into the keep. She wanted the killers of Igan to be brought before a court of law.[1]




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