Harat, or the Lord of Darkness, was a twisted demon in the service of Halaster Blackcloak in Undermountain.[1]


Harat was considered malformed by demon standards.[2]


When Harat found himself in Undermountain after being cast out of the lower planes, he decided to take the opportunity to reinvent himself. Hiding away in a deep corner of the dungeon, he slowly built up his own reputation as a "god of darkness". As rumors of Harat's divinity spread within the dungeon, so grew his powers. Halaster saw through the ruse, and confronted the demon, offering a deal: Halaster would make the worship of Harat mandatory for Undermountain's denizens, and Harat in turn would contribute his worshipers' sacrificial offerings to Halaster's hoard. The deal benefited both parties, with Halaster gaining wealth and Harat gaining power with each new worshiper. Nevertheless, Halaster threatened to reveal the demon's insignificance at the slightest hint of betrayal, ensuring Harat remained a faithful servant.[2]




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