Haroistem was a scholarly priest of Lathander[1] who was granted a phylactery of faithfulness by his deity.[2]


Bespectacled and clad in blue robes, Haroistem sported a thin mane of white hair.[1]


Although he was an extraordinarily faithful servant of his deity, Haroistem appeared slightly simple to his fellow clergy. In reality, this was because his mind was always partially focused on visions of the future.[2]


Haroistem's phylactery of faithfulness was granted to him by Lathander himself, delivered to the priest by a perfect peacock on a scarlet dawn. The phylactery allowed Haroistem to determine if an action was beneficial or not in regard to his standing with Lathander, but also conveyed a constant spell of augury on the priest, allowing him even greater insight into the consequences of his actions.[2]

Aside from this, Haroistem carried several other magical items: a vial of Keoghtom's ointment, some dust of illusion, as well as a lens of detection.[1]


Once a gold-clad morninglord, Haroistem opted to pursue more scholarly ways of serving Lathander as he approached retirement. He spent his days documenting the activities of other high-ranking clerics of Lathander.[1]



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