Harth Trithketh's House of Welcome was an inn located in Khôltar, south Faerûn, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


This inn was located on the southwest side of Hael Way where it connected to the North Way just inside the southern gate of Khôltar (known as Farrgaunlar).[1][2]


Harth Trithketh's House of Welcome was eight stories tall, but not all stories were the same size. Two floors were designed specifically for gnomes in scale, ceiling height, and furnishings. Likewise, two floors were dedicated to halflings, two to dwarves, and two to humans. The exterior was ornately decorated with statuary on all sides. The interior was decorated in the styles that were considered luxurious to the respective races.[1][2]


The House of Welcome was known for its vast wine cellar and deep menu of beverages to satisfy most any taste. For the frivolously rich, the staff would pour a bath of a client's chosen drink. A large stable of handsome and beautiful male and female escorts were available for customers who wanted companionship.[1][2]


The proprietor, Harth Trithketh, was a jolly gnome who enjoyed the high life but also kept an eye on his guests' activities.[1][2]



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