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Haste is a spell which causes the affected target(s) move and act more quickly than normal.[2]


A creature under the effects of a haste spell could make quicker attacks and dodge attacks with their enhanced speed. The amount of ground they can cover doubles.

Components Edit

The material component for a haste spell is a shaving of licorice root.[2]


The Netherese arcanist Quantoul is given the credit for the creation of this spell in -2022 DR.[1] During the Age of Humanity, the spell had the side effect of aging the user one full year.[3] Shortly after the Time of Troubles and the start of the Era of Upheaval, that was no longer the case.[2]

Spellcasting TraditionsEdit

  • In the Chondathan spellcasting tradition of Turmish, the verbal component for this spell is made up of harsh syllables and has no material component.[6]


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