Havarlan was a silver dragon who devoted herself to Xymor and led the Talons of Justice as its Barb.[1]


In 1373 DR, she send two of her Talons, Azhaq and Moonwing to capture the song dragon Karasendrieth under orders of the King of Justice Lareth for defiance of council's decisions about the abnormal Rage of Dragons of that year.[2] When the gold dragon King Lareth and his lieutenant Tamarand challenged each other over whether to help humanoid races against the, Havarlan was chosen to be one of the witnesses of the duel, the other being the powerful gold spellcaster, Larendrammagar.[3]

After, being decided to help the humanoid races, Havarlan led a metallic dragons storm to broke the siege of chromatic dragons to Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[3]

In the final battle against Sammaster, Havarlan led all her Talons against the draconic horde of Sammaster and despite the victory Havarlan and most of the Talons died in the fight.[4]


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