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Heafstaag was the hereditary king of the Tribe of the Elk of Icewind Dale.[1] His standard bearer was Wulfgar.[citation needed]


Heafstaag bore many wounds from his time on the harsh tundra. He had only one eye, lost to a reindeer's antler, and his left hand was left useless from an attack by a polar bear.[1]

He hated wizards, but nonetheless allied with Akar Kessel.[1]


Heafstaag was the son of Hrothulf the Strong and grandson of Angaar the Brave. His mother was a woman from Luskan who had been captured as a child during a caravan raid and who had been raised by the Tribe of the Elk.[1]

Heafstaag was seriously wounded by Drizzt in the battle of Ten Towns.[citation needed] When Akar Kessel fought against the Ten Towns, Heafstaag's tribe would have followed Kessel to battle but Wulfgar claimed the throne using the Right of Challenge and killed Heafstaag beforehand.[1]





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