A healing candle was a special magic item made my mystics in the Realms. It healed the wounds of one individual. The longer the candle was allowed to burn, the more healing it could provide.[1]


Healing candles were gold in color and intended to be burnt in ten-minute intervals. The longest-lasting candle that could be made burned for ninety minutes. This was the fourth type of candle mystics learned to make when studying candle magic.[1]


After burning for the desired amount of time and then being extinguished (either by blowing, snuffing, dousing, or reaching the end of its wick), the creature that extinguished the candle or was closest to it when it went out received an amount of healing that, on average, was proportional to the length of time (in ten-minute segments) the candle burned.[1]

The recipient had to remain within ten feet (three meters) of the burning candle for the entire time it was lit and when it was extinguished, or that application of the candle was wasted. The healing effect only worked on beings that were susceptible to magical healing. It did not work on the undead, incorporeal, or extraplanar creatures.[1][2][3]


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