The Heartstone Gem was a powerful artifact kept in the village of Kuldahar.


The Heartstone Gem was a red stone, appearing like a gemstone.


Long range divination and the power to see what is hidden from standard divination. It requires tremendous magical och priestly power to use it.


The origin of the Heartstone Gem is unknown. It resided for a long time in the druids shrine in Kuldahar, the druids used its powers of divination to see the surrounding lands and look into the affairs of people throughout the realms.

A young druid had grown tired of the humble teachings of his mentor the archdruid, and hungered for power of his own. He stole the Heartstone Gem and it eventually ended up in a temple dedicated to the mysterious Forgotten God. The priests of the same god placed it on an altar deep within their temple, but the part it played in their religion like anything else of their faith is unknown.

The Heartstone Gem was stolen by snake worshipping cultists, apparently tainted ones who were agents of the marilith Yxunomei. When Yxunomei was defeated by the party in the game, the Gem was taken to the undead archmage elven Larrel, who used it's powers to the benefit of the party. What happened to it afterward is unknown, but it appears like Larrel kept it.