Hedweck was a male human barbarian of the White Worm tribe in Vaasa in north Faerûn in the mid–14th century DR. He was the tribe's spirit hunter around 1359 DR.[1]


At some point, Hedweck had proved himself as the mightiest warrior of the tribe and was chosen as the next spirit hunter, the champion of White Worm. He was magically strengthened and hypnotized by the tribe shaman and was equipped with enchanted weapons like Bonecrusher and the sacred white-worm-skin armor. He was then sent into the wilds to battle "evil spirits" invading the tribe's territory, his first task being to avenge the death of the last spirit hunter.[1][2]

In 1359 DR, he wandered the Vaasan bog south of the Great Glacier.[1]


As a spirit hunter, Hedweck had been magically strengthened and hypnotized by the tribe's shaman. He fought in a terrible battle-rage, hitting faster and harder and more often.

The spirit hunter's purpose was to battle "evil spirits", but in his altered state, anyone Hedweck saw was an evil spirit. Fanatically determined, he would throw himself at superior foes and numbers, without fear of death. Even when brought to the point of unconsciousness, death, or beyond, he would fight on a few breaths longer.

When finally slain, his body would transform into the spirit-like form of a remorhaz, then dissipate on the winds, to be brought back to the tribe.[1][2]


Standing at an imposing 6′5″ (1.96 m) tall and weighing 260 lbs (118 kg), Hedweck was an awesome sight, possessing great physical strength and dexterity alongside immense resilience and fortitude.[1]


In battle, Hedweck swung Bonecrusher, an enormous enchanted maul. He also wore armor made from the skin of a remorhaz, and these were the sacred vestments of the tribe.[1]


As a spirit hunter, Hedweck was the first line of defense for the tribe. He attacked anyone who came upon their lands, believing them to be an evil spirit, in an effort to eliminate any possible threat to the tribe. He was thus doomed to a life of loneliness and constant combat, surviving by his own enhanced strengths, until finally brought low.[1][2]


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