Helgre served as the first mate on the Orcsblood, a pirate ship that terrorized the Moonsea in the mid–15th century DR.[1]

She managed to escape when the Orcsblood was attacked and destroyed by devas in 1460 DR.[1]

Helgre correctly reasoned that two shipmates, Gareth Jadaren and Ivor Beguine, who had recently jumped ship, were the ones responsible for betraying the Orcsblood's location to the devas. She dedicated the following months to tracking down Gareth and Ivor and found them near Erlkazar in 1461 DR. Rather than attempt to kill the two men, she slew Ivor's lover, Jandi M'baren, and staged the crime so that it appeared Gareth was responsible.[1]

At some point after 1461 DR, Helgre became a vampire. She participated in the assault on Jadaren Hold in 1600 DR but was killed by the deva Lakini.[1]


Helgre had a horrible scar on the side of her face.[1]


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