Silently, with grace and power, a creature emerges on the path ahead. It has the shape of an enormous lion, but its form consists of blinding light and fiery sparks, as though its body were made of energy and not flesh and bone.

Hellcats, also called bezekira, are quiet hunters of the Nine Hells.[1]

Physical descriptionEdit

In total darkness, hellcats appear to be a massive feline monsters with hot, ethereal wisps coming from their bodies. Their eyes burn with hellfire, hunger, and anger. The average hellcat is about 9 feet long and weighs about 900 pounds.[1]


These fierce devil-cats move about in virtual silence, constantly on the prowl for any opportunity to do evil. They enjoy setting ambushes and outwitting enemies. While their appearance suggests they are incorporeal, hellcats have corporeal bodies and can be harmed by physical attacks.[1]


Invisible in any light, bezekira are only visible in total darkness.[2] Hellcats use a natural telepathy to communicate with one another and those they encounter.[1]


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