Hellish rebuke was a basic spell known to all warlocks of the infernal pact, and available to all warlocks after the Second Sundering.[1]


When cast, hellish rebuke caused a creature of the warlock's choosing within fifty feet of him or her to burst into flames channeled straight from the Nine Hells by the warlock's pain and rage. The intensity of the flames was, for the most part, determined by the capacity of the warlock themselves to take damage, and with more experience the spell grew in power substantially. As the most basic of all spells used by warlocks in the service of devils, hellish rebuke could be cast as many times per day as the warlock wished.


THe spell needed only somatic and verbal components to be cast.[1]


After the Second Sundering, warlocks of other pacts and sufficiently experienced tieflings were able to cast the spell as well.[1]



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