Hellwasp devils are members of a huge colony that makes its home in the Garden of Delights in Malbolge. Ruthless and logical, with an alien intelligence and the unquestioning instincts of a colony insect, these devils live to serve the whims of their queen.[1] Hellwasp devils were once demons akin to mezzodemons. While in the Abyss, Glasya defeated their master and took them back to the Nine Hells. There, she transformed them into devils, making them shock troops and bodyguards.[1]


Hellwasp devils were once demons in service to a wasplike demon lord. During the Blood War, Glasya defeated the demon lord, and its curious spawn flocked to her as their new queen. Now, the hellwasp devil colony is an unwavering implement of Glasya's will. Unlike many of her other minions, hellwasps do not need to be seduced or manipulated. They see service to Glasya as an honor and a reward. When encountered outside Malbolge, hell wasp devils are either on a mission for their queen or on loan to one of Glasya's allies.[1]


Hellwasp Colony Guard[1]Edit

Hellwasp Devil[1]Edit


Since they unquestioningly follow the orders of Glasya, hellwasp devils can be found with any creature that serves the daughter of Asmodeus. On rare occasions, Glasya loans out groups of hellwasp devils to her allies.[1]



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