Helmthorn was a hardy, vine-like shrub.[1]


The helmthorn got its name from large, imposing black thorns. The thorns could grow as large as a man's hand. Its indigo berries were often harvested to be either eaten or fermented into a helmthorn wine.[1] Occasionally, the plant would sprout a spring of red berries.[2]


Helmthorn thorns were used as needles and dart points.[1]

Red helmthorn berries could be sold for 1 sp each. When the spell goodberry was cast on these berries, it lasted a day longer than usual.[2]


Helmthorn was common throughout Faerûn.[1]

Helmthorn brush grew dense in the Forest of Wyrms.[3] It was also common in the High Thorog valley in the Nether Mountains.[4]



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