Herdsman genies were special tasked genies in Zakhara who tended animals.[1]

Herdsmen were descendants of the jann.[2]


These sociable genies were short and wiry with heavy brows. Years of sun exposure left their skin dark and tanned. Herdsman genies often smelled like their animals but with a slight rancid odor because of all of the milk products that they consumed.[1]


These genies only entered combat for self defense or in defense of their herds. They were proficient with a variety of weaponry including short bows, spears, short swords, and lassos. They could use the following spell-like abilities: phantom steed, dust devil, remove fear, and flame brand.[1]

Herdsman genies were adept at firing bows from the back of a horse or camel while riding at full speed.[1]

In desperate situations a herdsman genie would attempt to create a stampede and charge an enemy.[1]


These genies were solitary unless a larger herd required assistance to manage. They would only disobey their masters if the safety of their herds was at stake.[1]

Most of their diet consisted of blood carefully taken from their charges. Animal milk was used to make a wide variety of food as well.[1]


Herdsman genies moved often if grazing was not suitable for their animals. They did not care for artificial boundaries created by humanoids, which often led them into conflicts.[1]



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