Hergatha, commonly known as the Storm Maiden, was a young woman who led most of the Northlanders on the Ilse of Norland in the late 15th century DR. She believed herself to be the reincarnation of Viledel, an ancient Northlander warrior, although her belief was false.[1]


The evil goddess Umberlee blessed Hergatha, which made it impossible for her to drown. Umberlee also gave her a compulsion to drown living creatures. Tempus' blessings made her a mighty warrior.[1]


Hergatha was born out of wedlock to a young woman on Ruathym. About to give birth, the woman sheltered under Yggdrasil's Child in the forest. She carved her daughter's name into the tree and asked the god of war Tempus to bless her child. The god answered her prayer but so did the sea goddess Umberlee, who struck down the woman with a lightning bolt and carried the child to the shore of Norland island in the Moonshae Isles. She was found by fishermen and raised by a childless couple.[1]

Hergatha showed great martial prowess at an early age and by the late 1400s DR a large number of Northlanders swore fealty to her. By 1479 DR, she had begun a campaign to drive the firbolgs from the Jotunhammer Mountains.[1]


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