The Hermit's Wood toad was a breed of frog or toad found near Hermit's Wood in Cormyr.[note 1]

It was green with reddish striations and had eyes that were unusually large. Incredibly, these animals had the ability to see invisible creatures, even invisible creatures from other planes. They tended to make a very loud noise when they spotted an invisible being.

The Hermit's Wood toad was previously thought to be only a local myth. However, Lucas Surin discovered it to be true when he went on a hunting party and a thief with a ring of invisibility thought to use the magic to scout ahead and stalk a deer. He strayed too near a group of frogs sitting in the sun by a stream, when they were alerted, only settling when he removed the ring. The hunters chose to study the frogs instead; Lucas wrote of it in 1367 DR.[1]



  1. No official name has been given for this creature. "Hermit's Wood toad" has been adopted for the sake of clarity in this article. The source labels them both as frogs and as toads; it is uncertain which they should be.


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