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Heroes' feast was a conjuration spell that called forth a great banquet to feed, heal, cure, protect, and bless those who partook of the repast.[1][4][5]


Heroes' feast conjured a full banquet, replete with a table fit for a king, chairs, dishes, utensils, food, and a special nectar-like beverage for as many revelers as the caster was able to provide for. The meal took a full hour to consume and the benefits were not bestowed until the end of the hour. Any interruption of the feast broke the spell and no benefits were conferred.[1][4][5]

Upon completion of the meal and the consumption of the nectar, the older version of this spell granted the following benefits to the participants:[4][5]

  • Cure light wounds, as if cast by an adept healer.
  • Cured of all diseases.
  • Immunity to poison for 12 hours.
  • Blessed for 12 hours.
  • Immunity to fear, hopelessness, and panic for 12 hours.

The newer version of this spell had slightly different benefits:[1]

  • More robust health which lasted for 12 hours or until sufficiently wounded, which ever came first.
  • Cured of all diseases, sickness and nausea.
  • Immunity to poison for 12 hours.
  • An enhanced blessing that boosted morale and strengthened will.
  • Immunity to fear for 12 hours.


The newer version required the usual verbal and somatic components and only the priest's holy symbol or divine focus.[1] The older version also required a specially fermented honey made from royal bee jelly.[4][5]


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