A hezrou (pronounced: /ˈhɛzrHEZ-ro[5] or: /ˈhɛtzrHETZ-ro[6]), also known as a type II demon,[4] was a type of tanar'ri demon.[3]


A hezrou was a large demonic monstrosity that bore a superficial resemblance to a toad in humanoid form, with arms and hands instead of forelegs. It had wide maw with rows of blunt teeth that had a powerful crushing force. A series of long spikes ran down their backs.[3][7] Hezrous could walk on either two feet or on all hands and feet, but always fought standing upright. A hezrou stood 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall and weighed 750 pounds (340 kilograms).[3]

A hezrou's skin exuded a toxic, foul-stinking fluid. This produced a cloud of nauseating smell that choked anyone that stood near the demon.[3]


A hezrou's main motivating factor was food.[2]


Hezrous loved to fight, more so than other demons, even vrocks. They gladly forced their way into and behind enemy ranks, where their foul stench could overwhelm as early and as many as possible.[3]

They opened combat by casting blasphemy, then favored chaos hammer or unholy blight from time to time as suited their foes.[3]


It was possible for a marilith to be demoted to a hezrou as a punishment, bringing a change in sex from female to male. The hezrou Zaxis was actually a fallen marilith named Bethsiva, whose child was the balor Baalbisan with a rank even higher than hers,[8]




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