The hieracosphinx (pronounced: /hɪərˈɑːksfɪŋksheer-AK-o-sfinks[2]) was one variation of a sphinx. They were an evil, savage and animal-intelligent hawk-headed sphinx.[3]

Sphinxes were enigmatic creatures with great, feathery wings and leonine bodies. All sphinxes were territorial, but the more intelligent ones could differentiate between deliberate intrusion and temporary or inadvertent trespassing.

Sphinxes spoke Sphinx, Common, and Draconic.

Description Edit

A typical sphinx was about 10 feet (3 meters)long and weighed about 800 pounds (363 kg).


Hieracosphinxes were a favored monster of the orcish god Ilneval.[4]

Combat Edit

Most sphinxes fought on the ground, using their wings to help them pounce much as lions do. If outnumbered by earthbound creatures, a sphinx took wing and attacked on the fly.

Hieracosphinxes could make short work of even the most dangerous opponents with their claws. They were not particularly intelligent, but were cunning enough to dive at their enemies from above with their flying ability.[5]


Further readingEdit

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