The heart of Gond's church is the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration in the city of Illul in Lantan. This monastery is run by Danactar the High Artificer, Most Holy Servant of Gond. Danactar is the highest ranking mortal cleric of Gond; he is the supreme voice in ecclesiastical matters and he serves in Lantan's ruling council, the Ayrorch. The church of Gond consists mostly of wandering clerics who travel from settlement to settlement, finding work as artisans and engineers. Settling in one area is only encouraged in centers for innovation that warrant constant observation, such as Zhentil Keep, Waterdeep, Athkatla, and Suzail. The church encourages wealth, as it demonstrates the benefits of following Gond. As they travel, clerics take samples of any inventions they discover and assist innovators they encounter, filing regular reports to their superiors.