High Horn was a huge Cormyte military stronghold at the top of High Horn mountain in the Storm Horns, at an elevation of around 1000 ft (305 m). In the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, it was led by Lord Commander Thursk Dembarron and was garrisoned by approximately a hundred archers and three hundred other soldiers. In the winter, it was home to half of the entire army of Cormyr. The stronghold was often home to War Wizards as well. As of that year, it had never come under serious siege or attack.[3]

The stronghold guarded the road to the west through High Horn Pass in order to prevent potential invaders from passing the Storm Horns. There were royal gem mines in this area also. Although High Horn contained guest facilities, they were quite basic. The Lord Commander Thursk Dembarron kept the atmosphere disciplined at all times.


The fortification was the first to be built in the Storm Horns,[4] and dwarves emigrating from Anauria were hired to carry out the necessary excavations.[5]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

Lord Commander Kae Deverell
In charge of the stronghold during Time of Troubles
Lord Commander Thursk Dembarron 
In charge of the stronghold.
Dhag Greybeard 
Herald, for Thursk.
Duke Bhereu 
Cousin of King Azoun IV. Resident in 1369 DR.[6]


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