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The descriptive term "High Ulutim" referred to two closely related Ulou languages[1] spoken in the northernmost ("high") reaches of Faerûn by the Ulutiun people.[2]


The High Ulutim languages were Uluik and Ulutiun.[1] Both languages were very closely related, and some scholars did not recognize Ulutiun as a language in its own right, calling both High Ulutim languages "Uluik".[3] The Ulutiun people could similarly be split into two distinct cultural groups—those living on the Sea of Moving Ice were called the "Ice Hunters"[4] and spoke Uluik;[2] those living on the Great Glacier were the "Ulutiun"[4] and spoke Ulutiun.[2]


By 1372 DR Uluik and Ulutiun had only recently begun using the Thorass script, if writing was used at all.[3][4]



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