The town of Highmoon was the capital of Deepingdale, known to be the most well-integrated settlement of humans, elves and half-elves in all of Faerûn.[1] It was prosperous, exciting and often full of adventurers and travelers from Cormyr, Sembia and beyond.[3]


Highmoon was led by the Lord of Highmoon, who also served as the ruler over all of Deepingdale. In the late 14th century DR, this position was held by Theremen Ulath.[4]


The city was founded in late 11th century DR, but grew quickly over its 400-year existence. The population raised to over 3000 by 1372 DR[1] and over 8000 by 1479 DR.[2] Although early growth of the city was stymied by lack of military support, conflicts with Vhaeraunian, particularly Auzkovyn drow of the High Forest, spurred its expansion and fortification.[1]

Highmoon was attacked on Tarsakh 17, 1373 DR, by the black dragon Zarlandris, who destroyed the Tower of the Rising Moon before being killed.[5][6]

Notable locationsEdit

The High Market
The open market of Highmoon would attract many merchants from Sembia and Cormyr, looking to buy local harvest.[3]
Lords' Barracks
This military structure was home to the Watchmen of Highmoon. It also housed some of the elven archers that defended Deepingdale and had a small building that served as their collective armory, storing their armaments of hundreds of weapons and sets of armor.[3]


Darian Stables
Run by the horse master of Alamus Darian who hailed from Impiltur.[3]
Royal Provisioners of Highmoon
High-end provisions were sold here for traders and caravaneers passing through the dale.[7]

Trading costersEdit

Andelmaus Logging
A timber supplier to the nation of Sembia.[7]
Hanseld's Emporium
This company, run by the amiable Hanseld, imported rare and exotic items, finished goods and spices from Selgaunt and Marsember.[7]
Silverhand House
This merchant coster exported rare woods, resin, amber and furs to the cities of Arabel in Cormyr and Ordulin.[7]

Inns and tavernsEdit

Oak and Spear
A taproom known for their local homebrew.[7]
The Rising Moon
This rowdy inn was regulated by its owner, the retired adventurer Gorstag.[3]
The Silver Shield
A rather fancy inn, run by an elven family.[7]


Rhauntides' Tower
The tower was built by the Sage of Deepingdale, Rhauntides, in 1342 DR.[3]
Tower of the Rising Moon
Home to the Lord of Highmoon, this horned tower as served as a symbol of the dale.[3]



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