The Hijo clan was the Ninja clan ally of Funada clan in Nakamaru in Wa around 1357 DR. The Hijo were tie to the Funada not only by loyalty or greed bust mostly by ancient tradition and by giri — a sense of obligation and duty. However normally they pursued their personal goals and only if their plans can damaged the Funada the giri obligated them to stop. Their headquarter was not in Nakamuru city but in a small village deep in the mountains, where they can free to practiced their “mountain-style” ninjitsu. Many members lived in the city however but were very difficult to find, they had no recognition sign, they recognized each others because all knows all others of the clan. The clan was led by a sensei (master) that with the advice of elders decided all the strategy of the clan and determined all assignments. The clan mostly recruited always from clan families. The members unfit to ninja role often left and few started successful career but was expect to help the clan if necessitates arise.[1]



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