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Hill giants were giants of low intelligence that lived in hilly areas. They spoke Jotunhaug and Jotun.[3]

Physical descriptionEdit

Hill giants were short and stocky in comparison to other giants. They were extremely muscular, capable of hurling boulders up to 300 lbs. through the air. The reason hill giants appeared to be more muscular than other giants was because of their shorter limbs, but taller giants, such as fomorians, were still much more powerful.[citation needed]


A hill giant's metabolism was very high, and as a result, it had to eat a great quantity of food for a creature of its type. It was not averse to eating demihumans, but would eat almost anything.[4]


In hill giant society, the most evil act that could be committed was the betrayal of one's tribe.[5] A hill giant family (a huslyder) was usually large and communal.[6] The ordning (social ranking) of hill giants was determined by a combination of an individual's physical strength and eating ability.[7]

Coombe giantsEdit

Coombe giants were hill giants who adapted to life within the treacherous Katakoro Shan mountains in the Hordelands. Though slightly smaller than their lowland cousins, coombe giants possessed amazing balance and dexterity, allowing them to safely traverse the steep slopes of Katakoro Shan and even wield a weapon in each hand proficiently.[8]



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