The Hills of the Dead Kings was a hilly region in central Dambrath. The hills were connected to the Gnollwatch Mountains; these extended elevations helped bisect the central portion of the country.[1]

By the mid–14th century DR, the hills were renamed by Crinti priestesses of Loviatar who wished to eradicate all forms of the Arkaiun culture.[1]

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Streams and grassy knolls crisscrossed the Hills of the Dead Kings. They were dotted with occasional patches of pines and shadowtop trees with small streams leading to the knolls leading into the plains.[2]


Many halflings, most of whom were strongheart[2], settled in the eastern regions of the hills.[1] They rarely moved far from their small hamlets except to trade with travelers on the road between Cathyr and Delzimmer.[2]

The TombsEdit

The hills received their name from the tombs of seven of the kings of the Reinhar dynasty of Arkaiun kings. The exact locations were supposedly unknown, and the Arkaiun were proud of this fact, but in reality the Crinti looted all but two of the tombs.[1] They never let this information come out for fear of a nationalist uprising of the people they referred to as Shebali.[2]

The tomb of Reinhar I was empty as the king had died in battle in Halruaa. In centuries past, Malar commanded the Arkaiun to build the tomb as a monument in his honor. It was guarded with two magical constructs; a stone lion and iron tiger.[2]



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