The Hills of the Seven Lost Gods were seven hillocks located just west of the city of Westgate. Upon each hillock lay a ring of standing stones, each ring dedicated as a shrine to a particular god. These gods were Moander, Garagos, Ghaunadaur, Jergal, Savras, Silvanus, and one whose name was lost. Unbeknownst to many, beneath most, if not all of the hillocks was also an underground temple and theories abounded that the place was a site of worship from the time when Jhaamdath controlled the region.[1]


The hillocks were originally created during the final days of the Reign of Dragons as an attempt at creating a weapon capable of destroying the King-Killer Star and freeing dragonkind from the influence of the Dracorage mythal. Unfortunately, when the weapon was first fired, it missed and instead hit the moon, Selûne, creating the Tears of Selûne.[2] Before the dragons could attempt to use it again, Westgate, the city they were based out of, was taken over by Saldrinar, a Netherese arcanist who was fleeing his homeland because of the constant attacks of the phaerimm.[citation needed]

Westgate had suffered through almost 50 years of religious zealotry, strife, and war in 927 DR, when the new king Altarl Campion issued a law that became known as the Templeban Edict, which disallowed the existence of any religious building in the city. Not long afterwards, the former residents of those temples built the standing stones on the hillocks and dedicated them as shrines so they could still perform divine rites.[citation needed]

After the Rage of Dragons of 1018 DR, during which Westgate's king was killed by a red dragon without leaving an heir, his acclaimed successor, the mercenary lord Sarvyn Eorn, reversed the Templeban Edict, allowing the priests to rebuild their temples inside the city walls.[1] After a while, the hillocks gained their current moniker.[citation needed]

The first Alliance of the Bonds used one of these hillocks, the Hill of Fangs, atop which still stood a menacing-looking shrine to Moander, as a sacrificial altar. On the morning of Kythorn 7 in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, the sorceress Cassana held Alias and Dragonbait captive at the hill and, in front of many members of the Fire Knives, tried to use the Azure Bonds to force Alias to kill her saurial companion. Alias, through sheer force of will, refused and managed to get her hands on Zrie Prakis's staff of power. Alias' friends escaped through a portal to the Citadel of White Exile that had been erected on the hillock and Alias herself broke the staff, causing a massive explosion that blasted her through the portal and presumably completely leveled the shrine.[citation needed]


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