Hillsfar was a video game set in the Forgotten Realms developed by Westwood Studios in 1989 and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc..


The player chooses a character and starts in Hillsfar. It was one of the first RPGs that tried to combine simple hack-and-slay style with puzzles. The story was simple, with the player-character just walking around the town and its surrounding area, solving some puzzles and fighting action sequences, while trying to find treasures and weapons. Unlike most role-playing games, there aren't any randomly generated monsters to battle, combat only occurs in the arena.


In the game, there are various mini-games that are required to complete the quests or missions.

  • Competing at the archery range.
  • Exploring buildings or mazes.
  • Fighting in the arena.
  • Locking picking doors and chests.
  • Riding a horse outside Hillsfar while avoiding obstacles.



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Giant Squid


Buildings & Sites
Shrine of TempusHaunted Mansion
Inns & Taverns
Bugbear's Cave TavernDragon's Lair TavernHydra's Den TavernRat's Nest Tavern
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Squid SepiaIncenseYellow Mushrooms



Game CreditsEdit

  • Programmers: Kirk Fitzgerald, Ethan Grimes
  • Artists: Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Maurine Y. Starkey
  • Developers: Graeme Bayless, Bret Berry, Charles J. Kroegel Jr.
  • Playtesters: Alex Hewitt, Glenn Sperry, Rick E. White
  • Manual: Westwood Associates
  • Art & Graphic Design: David Boudreau, Peter Gascoyne
  • Desktop Publishing: David Boudreau, Peter Gascoyne
  • Printing: A&a Printers and Lithographers
  • Cover artwork: Clyde Caldwell
  • Music Composer: Paul S. Mudra

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