Hiro Yun was an undeadbeing in Kudoku and a former magistrate of Kozakura in 1479 DR.[1]


When rumors of the corruption spread by the Five Deadly Shadows gang reached the ears of the provincial governor in 1479 DR, she sent Hiro Yun to serve as a magistrate.[1]

Step by step, Hiro efficiently shut down all the gang's operations and arrested most of its members until only the five leaders remained. At this point, Hiro discovered the lair of leader Kenzo Harima in an abandoned warehouse. There, Hiro was ambushed by all the five leaders, including Kenzo. However, Kenzo was moved by Hiro's words and changed sides, trying to defeat his former fellows. However, in the end, Kenzo and Hiro were killed and Namiko Li bound the souls of Hiro Yun and Kenzo Harima to Toril, preventing them from going to the afterlife.[1]

Thereafter, Hiro and Kenzo haunted the warehouse as undead. Later, an adventuring party confronted and defeated them.[1]


Hiro tormented himself that he had failed his mission to cleanse the town from evil.[1]


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