All dates are in Netherese followed by dates in Dale Reckoning.

The First Age (0 - 325) (-3859 DR to -3534 DR)Edit




Several villages on the shore of the Narrow Sea combine for mutual protection, forming the Alliance of Seventon, which later becomes Netheril.
The Earlanni elves begin discreetly observing Netheril.
The elves of Eearlann begin trading with outlying Netherese settlements.
The Earlanni elves initiate a formal dialogue with humans of Netheril and begin instructing promising Netherese students in the Art. Netheril's first arcanist, wizard, is Therion of Gers.




Orcs pour forth from the Spine of the World, but the elves of Illefarn and Earlann turn them back with the help from the fledgling Netherese Empire and the Rengarth barbarians. The tribal lands of the Rengarth are absorbed into Netheril, although the barbarians remain largely autonomous.
The Netherese begin to enslave the rock gnomes living in the hills nearby.
The Netherese found Runlatha, a port on the shores of the Narrow Sea.

The Nether Age (326 - 543) (-3533 DR to -3316 DR)Edit

Mythallar Age (544 - 1100) (-3315 DR to -2759 DR)Edit

The Silver Age (1101 - 1651) (-2758 DR to -2208 DREdit

The Golden Age (1652 - 2653) (-2207 DR to -1206 DR)Edit

Age of Discovery (2654 - 3162) (-1205 DR to -697 DR)Edit

The Age of Discovery lasts from -1205 DR to -697 DR[2]

The Shadowed Age (3163 - 3519) (-696 DR to -340 DR)Edit

The Shadowed Age lasts from -696 DR to -340 DR[3]

The Fall and beyond (3520+) (-339 DR+)Edit

-333 DR 
Human refugees from Netheril are accepted into Ascore[4]
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