The Yuirwood has a long history with elves. This section is a list format of the History of Yuirwood.


−9800 DR 
The Yuirwood was settled by green elves in the aftermath of the Crown Wars.[1]
−6950 DR 
The star elves began leaving other elven nations and gathering in the Yuirwood.[1]
−6600 DR 
The star and green elves founded the realm of Yuireshanyaar in the Yuirwood.[1]
−1250 DR 
The human empire of Unther battled Yuireshanyaar in −1250 DR for control of the southern Aglarondan coast, and the Yuir were driven back into the woods.[1]
−1076 DR to −1069 DR 
The Orcgate Wars occurred after an Imaskari wizard opened up a gate in Mulhorand to the orc’s home world, and Yuireshanyaar was pressed hard by the orcs.[1]
−900 DR to −600 DR 
Faced with the encroaching humans along the Wizard’s Reach (most from Old Unther), the star elf High Mages of Yuireshanyaar created a forest-wide network of stone circles and worked a mighty high magic spell through the stone menhirs to construct the extraplanar world of Sildëyuir from −900 to −600 DR.[1]
−699 DR 
The Year of Moon Blades Crashing, the star elves completely abandoned Yuireshanyaar for Sildëyuir, but many wild, or green, elves chose to remain in the Yuirwood.[1]
870 DR to 890 DR 
Humans from Velprin start to meet the elves of Yuir, after they had avoided contact for centuries.[1]
900 DR to 1050 DR 
An intermingling of the Humans and the elves give rise to half-elves.[1]
1033 DR 
The half-elves resist Velprin. A large number of boarder clashes occur.[1]
1059 DR 
An army from Velprin, lead by Indrila Demaz defeats the half-elf militia and the half-elves flee deep into the forest.[1]
1374 DR 
Araevin Teshurr and his companions visited Sildëyuir in 1374 DR, the Year of Lightning Storms.[citation needed]


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