Hlaavin was the leader of the Unseen in Waterdeep in 1372.


Hlaavin born in the illithid city of Ch'Chitl in Underdark as one of the mind flayer' s experiment; it was considered a successful experiment and the Ulitharid Thalynsar in 1349 DR[2] send Hlaavin in Waterdeep as leader of a druuth, a band of Doppelganger send by illithid to infiltrate enemy cities; soon after however Ch'Chitl suffer a crisis caused by the killing of the Elder brain by a githyanki party in 1362[2]. So all forgot Hlaavin and his subordinates. However thank to his half-illithid nature, secret to all, Hlaavin managed to gathered together the other doppelgänger and also recruited new members, founding the Unseen. Hlaavin's plan were to subtly and slowly gain control of Waterdeep and after expand to all the Sword Coast.[1]


the half-illithid part of Hlaavin surpass the cowardly nature common to all doppelgänger; he is a master manipulator, consumed by envy for those that have more powers, moneys and prestige.[1]


Hlaavin now usually used the guise of the Lords of Waterdeep Nindil Jalbuck but have more identity, as Chievel, major-domo of the Kothont and right-hand-man of Lord Kothont, Lady Cyrtue, owner of the Hanging Lantern festhall, and Thad Ruchel, rogue leader of the Luskan-based adventuring band Mask's Conscript.[1]


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