Prior Hlam was a human priest of Tyr in Neverwinter in 1374 DR.


Prior Hlam assisted Reverend Judge Oleff Uskar as he presided over the Hall of Justice in Neverwinter. Hlam's duties included training those who worshiped Tyr in both the fields of justice and marshal ability.[1]


The Kalach-Cha could bring Khelgar Ironfist to Hlam to become a monk. Hlam would give Khelgar three trials (making him angry for inconvenience of having to take these tests). Khelgar would have to explore the Ironfist keep for Khulmar, be convinced not to view people as stereotypes and learn why he fought (done once he volunteers to fight Lorne Starling).

After the trial to determine their guilt in regard to the destruction of Ember, the Kalach-Cha had to visit Hlam to meditate before the trial by combat.



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