Hlaungadath was one of the three cities that survived "normally" the destruction of Netheril. [citation needed]


Hlaungadath was the remnants of a formerly great Netherese city in the desert of northwestern Anauroch. The city landed near the High Ice and was eventually abandoned, but the ruins remained largely intact.[citation needed] It was some 40 to 50 miles from either the Graypeak Mountains or Nether Mountains.[3]

Hlaungadath was the destination of a hidden portal in the Dangling Tower in Ched Nasad.[3]


Hlaungadath's architecture was clearly Netherese, with square column bases and pointed arched windows.[1] The city was filled with ruined domes, colonnades, ramparts, and towers. [3]


The ruins of the city were inhabited by lamias with their thralls: manticores, asabi, and gargoyles.[4]

Notable locationsEdit

Ruins of the High Hall of Justice 
On the facade there was still text in Netherese meaning: "In Truth's Light No Lies Abide."[1]




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