Hoar (pronounced HORE [5]), also known as The Doombringer, was the vengeful deity of retribution invoked by those who sought to repay an eye for an eye. He was also an exarch of Bane.[3] He was a bitter deity, prone to mood swings and fits of violence. Ever since the Time of Troubles, the Doombringer was consumed with plotting the downfall of Anhur, the Mulhorandi deity of war, and to a lesser extent, the pantheon that spawned him.

History & RelationshipsEdit

Hoar was actually the ancient Untheric deity worshiped in the eastern Inner Sea lands as Assuran. Centuries past, he was driven from Unther by Ramman, the Untheric god of war, although his cult remained strong in Chessenta.

During the Time of Troubles, Hoar stalked the Old Empires, appearing in Akanax, where he took the body of King Hippartes as his avatar. Then he appeared in Thay to obtain a cache of weapons, and he showed up in Unther, where he slew his ancient rival Ramman. However, Anhur stole Ramman's unclaimed portfolio before Hoar could act, earning Hoar's ire.

Both Tyr and Bane contested for Hoar's tormented soul, as the Dark God sought to turn him into a servant of blind vengeance and bitterness while the Maimed God sought to unlock Hoar's bittersweet humor and shift his portfolio to favor irony and poetic justice.

With Tyr's death, Bane recruited Hoar as an exarch. Meanwhile, Hoar conspired with Beshaba in unleashing bad luck on the deserving.


Aside from a handful of scattered temples, the church of Hoar was composed primarily of lone wanderers who traveled the Realms, agreeing to pray for Hoar's aid on behalf of those who sought or feared vengeance, in exchange for a small fee. Charlatans who would try to scam people in this manner quickly felt the punishment of Hoar. His followers sought out victims of injustice, heard and appraised their stories, and tracked down the perpetrators in order to inflict a fitting form of punishment. No injustice was too small or too large for revenge to be sought and a fitting punishment meted out, earning the church of Hoar the ire of town watches and Tyrists alike as well as the adulation of the downtrodden.

If one wanted to seek vengeance on another by praying to Hoar, it was believed that writing prayers down made them more likely to be answered. To ensure a long-lasting reach for prayers, some vengeance seekers carved them into items made of lead. These were then buried to keep others from knowing about them.[1]

Temples to Hoar were rare, and usually found in antique parts of Chessenta and Unther.[1]

In the lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars Hoar was worshiped as Assuran, a deity of revenge.[1]



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